Understanding Storage Needs in Seattle

Seattle is not just the fastest-growing major city in the US but also the largest city in the North America’s Pacific Northwest region. The metropolitan area of the city which is the 15th largest metropolitan area in the US is the home to about 3.6 million people. Trade with the Asia world flourish through Seattle’s port which is ranked number 8 and 9 largest port in the US and North America respectively when it comes to the number of container handled on daily basis.

As a commercial and shipbuilding centre of the state, many businesses are naturally attracted to the city. These businesses and other sectors of life provide employment to the inhabitants of the city. As a commercial and port city with lots of business opportunity, there are a lot of shipping companies that offer storage services and also individual storage facilities. If you are moving into the city for any reason and you will need storage services, it will be good for you to have some knowledge about the storage industry in the city. Here are things you should know about storage facilities in the city.

Variety of Storage Facilities

The first point that you should always bear in mind is that storage facilities in the city differ in many aspects from each other. They differ in the quality of service they offer, in their reputation, reliability, level of experience and expertise, cleanliness, security, quality of customer service, and others. So, when you want to hire a storage facility, you should always look out for the best.

Do not rush into hiring one but ensure that you rent a storage space in a facility where your items will be secured from every type of risk such as burglars, rodents, fire, mould and other types of insects and pests that are capable of destroying items.

Security Gates and Padlocks are not enough to Stop Burglary and Theft

One factor that you should bear in mind is that the fact that a facility has security gates and use strong padlocks to lock each storage units does not prevent burglars from carrying out their evil deeds. Some burglars are very skillful in carrying out their activities that it will only take serious and professional security personnel aided by a lot of surveillance systems to catch them. So, when you are searching for a storage facility, ensure that the storage facility you want to hire has more than padlocks and gatemen. Find out if they have surveillance system with motion detectors and other security systems installed in their facility. Don’t keep your valuables in any facility that does not have these surveillance systems installed in various strategic corners around their facilities.

The Cost Factor

Generally, there are a number of factors that determine the cost of storage facilities in Seattle. Such factors include the features available in a facility, the size of storage unit you want, the quantity and value of items you want to store and a whole number of other factors.  But on the average, it will cost you about $2.01 per month to rent a self-storage space. You will require about $170.45 on monthly basis in order to rent a 10×10 storage space. However, as it has been said above, each storage facilities are unique in a number of ways including their pricing.  Some facilities will rent out their storage space at a very low rate only to increase it few months afterwards. So, before you reach at any agreement with any storage business, you have to find out how often it increases its rate.

Local Colleges and Universities

The student population in educational institutions in the city of Seattle affects the costs of renting storage facility especially during summer and winter breaks. During these periods, students are on break and thus most of them will require storage facilities. This will increase the need for storage facility and also the cost of renting storage spaces.